The Blossom of My Perfume Dream

I believe that I have always loved and have always been fascinated with perfumes and scents. It began with exposure to aromatherapy oils every once in a while since I was younger. I probably began smelling perfumes very early on in my life too, with Baby Doll by YSL being one of the first perfumes I remember smelling and falling deeply in love with.

A few years ago, I was asked about a career I intended to pursue and it was then that I seriously began thinking. I knew that I had always been interested in entering the cosmetics and perfume industry. Quickly, I decided on perfumery.

I have constantly been asked why I aspire to be a perfumer and I have never given a proper answer, simply stating that I was very interested in perfumes. I do feel ashamed I could never quite explain to them my reasons for this desire to pursue perfumery and took some time to be able to express them.

Certainly, one of my main fascinations with perfumes stems from the intricate composition of a perfume. I am amazed at the ability of a perfumer to use scents we are familiar with to create a completely new scent. I’d also love to be able to discover and learn about the many other scents out in the world and learn the craft of perfumery. On top of that, perfumes, like music, can bring back memories or evoke thoughts and feelings. I read about Songes, a perfume from Annick Goutal that was composed by Annick Goutal’s daughter, Camille. The fragrance encapsulates the scent of frangipani that she smelled while walking along the beach in Mauritius. Not only would I like to create perfumes, but also encapsulate sentiments and memories within them.

My list of reasons for pursuing my dream is to be continued, as I continue to learn and appreciate more about perfumery.