Feeling Creative

Every now and then, I play with my little collection of essential oils in attempts to create something special. Most blends I’ve concocted haven’t been outstanding (some were perhaps potentially lethal). I have, however, made 2 blends within the last year that I feel have stood out.

The first of these was made when someone asked me to create a cologne for him. I can’t recall the exact composition of this blend (I should have written it down, but it has frankincense and bergamot with a light touch of rose otto in jojoba to tie the fragrance together.

The other was an oil-based blend I created very recently and it is loaded with floral scents. I used patchouli, jasmine, 2.5% rose otto in jojoba and lavender diluted with sweet almond oil. When I first made it, the jasmine scent was strongest. However, a few weeks after, I realized that the lavender began to dominate and the faint scent of the sweet almond oil made for a fascinating combination. Although the fragrance is not as heavy on jasmine as I had initially thought and intended for it to be, it is still a lovely scent.

I’m currently looking at various essential oils to invest in so I can have more to experiment with and would definitely write about any new concoctions.